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Health experts talk about the effects of age on people


Most people feel younger or more of their age – and this age of mood has a major impact on their physical and mental health.

Think, for a brief moment, that you do not have a birth certificate that understands your age but depends on how you feel about your mood. How many years would you claim?

Just as your height and size of your shoes don’t change, the number of years since you came to earth is also unchanged. But everyday experience shows that we don’t often see the same age, with many people feeling older or younger than their actual age.

More and more scientists are interested in this. They find that the ‘age you believe in’ may be important for understanding why some people seem to be older than others – and others seem to be getting younger. “The issue of making older people feel young can be due to important decisions or decisions in daily life,” said Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia.

Its importance is not there. Numerous studies have even shown that your age can even predict some important medical conditions, including the risk of your death. And in many positive ways, your age is really ‘just the way you feel you are’.

Once available these results possible, many researchers are now trying to produce a number of ways in which science and medical science to detect the shape of the individual’s personal and professional growth of age, and according to our knowledge can help us live happily for a long time and get better health.

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