A new report from Somaliland after Muuse Bihi’s brief meeting with federal government ministers


Somaliland government has for the first time spoke about a meeting with federal government ministers in Saudi Arabia.

Abdiwahid Abdukadir Somaliland’s Presidential Adviser on Social Affairs told the media that the meeting was not preplaned and happened accidentally. “The meeting happened in a worshiping place therefore it has nothing to with politics.”Abdiwahab added.

The place where the picture is being circulated today is Saudi Arabia, it is a pilgrimage, many Muslims have come and it is a place where Muslims are equal no matter which side they belong to.

I do not see any problem for people who came to worship here and greet one another or to pray together, so those who are seeking to politicize I do not think it is right.

He added: “If people were to be blamed elsewhere, it was not Mecca, but it was a place of worship today. Muslims are equal and they greeted each other, as far as I know many people greeted the president.”