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Ahmed Madobe rejected two proposals from Ethiopian officials in Kismayo


Ethiopian delegation consisting of six officials arrived in Kismayo today, where they met with President Ahmed Madobe and other senior administration officials, reliable sources confirmed for Dalka Times.

The delegation, who had earlier traveled to Mogadishu, discussed with the Juba land administration about the negative relationship between the government and the upcoming presidential elections in Kismayo.

According to the information received, the delegation of President Ahmed pressed two key points: 1 – Federal authorities who have been banned from entering the city to be allowed to come, and the Ministry of Interior and the federal government to become involved in the election process of Juba land. 2 – Postponement of Juba land presidential elections to give opposition candidates more time to register, after the deadline has passed, refusing to register.

According to sources in the Juba land administration, the Ethiopian delegation were told that the two points were beyond the control of the president, which he could not handle.

He was informed that the decision was taken against the government. a meeting of the cabinet, and therefore not a matter to be changed by the president, while the decision regarding the election period is said to be by the electoral commission, which they can discuss with them if they wish.

The Ethiopian delegation left Kismayo late in the afternoon, returning to Addis Ababa, and was reportedly the latest attempt by the federal government to block Juba land’s election, which now appears to be ineffective.

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