IGAD Calls For Credible Elections In Somalia’s Jubaland


Regional bloc Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) sees Jubaland elections as a test for Somalia’s continuing stability as it implements electoral reforms.

Ahead of the regional poll slated for August 21, IGAD is pressing parties to work within the electoral laws in the federal state, warning they could make or break the efforts to stabilise the country.

On a tour of Kismayo, the capital of Jubaland, Igad Special Envoy Mohamed Ali Guyo Wednesday called on the state to follow a process that will not splinter the region.

“We urged the sides to promote and stability of the state, it is very important to hold inclusive transparent and more credible so that the result is not contentious and is accepted widely,” he said, in a statement released on Thursday.

Jubaland state, which borders Kenya, goes to the elections to either confirm or replace president Sheikh Ahmed Islam Madobe who has been in power since 2015. Mr Madobe rose to popularity after his Ras Kamboni brigade worked with the Kenya Defence Forces to defeat Al-Shabaab in Kismayo in September 2012……

Source: Daily Nation