One of the main meetings of the Somali disability network is held in Mogadishu for the  organization governing bodies the BoD and the assembly. The meeting was aimed to discuss the sintaituion of the PWDs  persons with disabilities and the DPOs the disabled people organziaitons in Somalia.

The agenda of the meeting was joint meeting from the SDN governing bodies the BoD led by the chairperson of the BoD and the assembly let by the chairperson of the assembly. The meeting was jointly presided by the leaders of the network.

The members discussed

  1. The situation of the PWDs and DPOs
  2. The current Ramadan food aid for the PWDs
  3. Fallow up and inquiry letter to the Abilis foundation
  4. Financial report and the membership fee payments
  5. Proposal the establishment disabled people work coordinating team


After discussions members noted the meeting should be  clear to the agenda where member raised questions about the payment fees and lack of participation of the meeting some member of the organization governing body level.  The members in the meeting responded well the question enhanced in the meeting