the role of the Somalia disabled people in the political participation panel discussion


Minutes report

Name: Somali disabled people role in the election

Date:  24-25 march 2021

Venue:  Hotel Hayat

Participants:  50 persons

Organizer:  Somali Disability Cluster

Donor:  EISA


Though EISA work in Somalia for the strengthening elections education the civil society organization members of the government institutions and the federal states. EISA organized panel discussion for the Somalia Disabled people with partner the Disabled People cluster. The panel discussion was inter active where members of the participants mostly from the disability People Organizations and civil society who made argument for the process the political participation for the disabled people secured.

DAY one

The event was opened with holy Kuran and fallowed by the members introduction where among the participant gained the names and tiles of each person in the session where they can make discussions for the topic in the two days.  Facilitators briefed  the overall elections in Somalia for the 2021  indirect election for the parliamentary  and presidential which will have 101 voters and 136 traditional elders selecting the voters   and thousands persons working the coordination of the elections for the 2021.

Members of the disabled people participating the panel discussed the role of the election for them. A country where power sharing is based clan from the society.   The election stakeholders are selected by the members of the traditional leaders and the national election communities assigned for the government. The disabled people took time to over view the national election law signed the parliament and the president in 2020.

Mr. Abdullahi Hassan Hussein the chairperson of the Somali disability cluster said. Regarding the national election law, the model of the election in Somalia for the 2021 which is indirect election where parliamentary are elected by voters selected from the constituent of the member of the parliament by the traditional elders of the clan subclass.  The opportunity for the disabled persons to  participate the voters and candidates of election will be limited and discriminated from them.

Mr. Omer Abdi Omar the chairperson of the Dayah disability organization and the deputy chairperson of the Somalia national disability council  told the disabled people wake up for the political participation. There are many educated persons who want take part the political in Somalia. Some of the very interested to join the legislation. The Somali power sharing will not give them chance. Therefore,  I recommend  the quota of the disabled people in the legislation and establishment of ministry portfolio in the cabinet.

Mr. Adan Hassan Ali the chairperson of the disability relief and development organization and  member deputy chairperson of the national disability told the media they will not have role the clan based political power sharing in Somalia. Both clans and members of the national election committee will not give role the disability people therefore, I recommend allocation of the quota in the legislation for the disability.

Mr. Aydid   member of national disability council told   is member of the traditional elders of Somalia.  I will ask the traditional elders to make inclusive for participation in the election process the voters and the candidates of the parliamentary and presidential election of Somalia. The best way for the election participation disability people work with traditional elders in Somalia the 136 persons from all clans.

Mr. Mohamed Dheere  from  the disability people told the participant that the political participation for the disability people is important we want to achieve. We have been out of the decision makers in Somalia for long time. We want  stand to take positions in the decision making so that we can  work work inclusive for all social and development in Somalia

Mr. Abdirahman Kulan member from the visual impaired youth UDHAN told they team they are discriminated in the social, economic, development and the political participation. The more we stand united we can achieve more. We have started the struggle of disability from far point. We want to take part the decision making. There is discrimination in the public and private institutions in Somali.   National disability agency is made without consultation the process of selection the board. There are hundreds educated people applied who want get reply from the decision makers.

Mr. Dalmar Cadow member of the visual impaired youth UDHAN educated who teacher is told the participant we want know who is making the discrimination the disabled people. There more people educated now.  Why don’t they get public and private opportunity? We have stand up the participation of the election I think that is the best way for the development the disability.  We need to get quota from  the decision makers the legislation and the cabinet and the national commission.

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lafoole.  Member of the national disability council told he participated pervious election in the 2016 in Galamudug Adada,  he told the  participants he was member of the 51 voters for the parliament member candidate. He was put pressure, refused to use his crutches, where he walked in mud a raining day.  The security guide of the election told they will not allow any one to pass them with irons, weapons and anything out human body.

Mr. Sacdiya Mohamed   from the women disability organization told the participants they want work with male disability for the social and development. They want talk the government for the disability agency establishment if they are qualified for the leadership of the disability people in Somalia.

Mr. Rahmo Shiikh Cali member of the Somali Association Disabled Female SAFDi she told the participant that she is very much interested to participants such this panel discussion where we exchange hot points for our role and rights in the civil society and government. We can participate the policy in Somalia if we get constitutional rights that can insure use equal to the non-disabled people.

Mr. Ibrahim member from the visual impaired youth UDHAN told the people in the panel discussion more people are trying to lean education. There hundreds graduated from the schools and universities in Somalia both physical challenged, visual impaired and deaf people. The government and private organization should insure inclusive for all requirement and elections



Two days panel discussion organized Somalia disability cluster and funded by the EISA ivnted the scholars from the disability people, members from the DPOs and members from the national disability council and the civil society organizations. The participants made an intresting inter active discussion, debate and  argument for the disabled people political participation in Somalia

The Somalia political power sharing is based clan where the Somali people use actively 4.5 which is monopolised by the traditional leders  from the clan who are not in favour the selection and nomination disabled persons for the election candidates from his clan. Similarly, members of the clans belief the election of disabled people for the leadership and political representation of their clans is shameful, misfortune and defeated  in the political challenges

The members in the panel discussion discussed more question where the majority of the responded the  best way for the political participation the disability people is allocation of quota for the disability people like the Somali women 30% quota in the political participation,  a Compiegne supported by the international community two decades ago which secured now 24% of the 30% women political participation quota in Somalia.


The statement

  1. The disabled people should be more organized for participation social and political in Somalia
  2. The disabled should be given quota for the national elections commission, indirect election committees,  election conflict resolution committee, national human rights commission and national anti-corruption commission in Somalia
  3. The rights of the disabled people should mentioned and written in the federal government of Somalia constitution  social and political role in the society and country  particularly  quota of legislation for the disability people