Dekedda Team player Idiris Amin Ali collapses during training session.


Idiris’s situation is improving from the last incident. the teams defense player Idriss Amin Ali suffered a concussion last night while undergoing training with his team.

Dekedda team has been training hard at the Hodan University Stadium as they prepare for the Somali Premier League season which will reopen on 07 June.

Idris was pulled out of training yesterday after picking up an ankle injury during training with his team. After leaving the training with an injury, the player suddenly collapsed, as he was training hard and fast.

He was in critical condition and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he was rehabilitated. He was taken to the Kalkaal Hospital in Mogadishu, where he was laid to rest and doctors treated his condition till he recovered. one of the doctors told Dalka Times that the player was in a good condition and only had a bruise.

The head of the Dekedda team Abdullahi Farah was among those who provided medical aid to Idiris, and when he spoke to the doctors, they told him that the players situation was good.