Djibouti Government Decided To Send Doctors And Medical Assistance To Somalia Following The Recent Zoobe 2 Attack


The government of Djibouti held a meeting on the request it recently submitted to the federal government of Somalia and decided to send a medical doctor to Mogadishu today. The meeting was attended by the prime minister and most of Djibouti’s top officials in charge of health.

“We must stand up for our Somali brothers as much as we can to provide medical assistance to those injured in the barbaric attack, so that they can recover well from their injuries,” said the Prime Minister of Djibouti, Abdulkadir Kamil Mohamed.

The prime minister said that the doctors being sent to Mogadishu are a medical team that is specially in charge of medical emergency, and their equipment is complete.

He also said that if the injured are not treated in Mogadishu, they will be evacuated to Djibouti as soon as possible, as the medical assistance technology is much better there.

Today it is planned that the team of doctors and their medical equipment will land in Mogadishu, who will directly start the medical activities that will be part of the rescue of the people who were injured in the explosions on Saturday.

However, Djibouti was one of the four countries that the federal government of Somalia specifically requested to send doctors to help rescue the victims of the Zoobe 2 explosions.

Previews Attacks in Mogadishu

In 2017 Somalia faced similar attacks carried by the Islamist group Alshabab at the time Djibouti was one of the first countries to respond in rescue and assisted Somali governement with medical supplies and doctors.

Around 30 doctors with medical supplies landed the Capital city’s main airport of Aden Ade International Airport. In the wake of that attack, Somalia’s information minister disclosed that Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia had all offered to send medical aid to assist the country.