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Two Heavy Explosions Targeted in Busy Area in Mogadishu Leaving Many Civilians Dead


Heavy gunfire is still heard in the headquarters of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Somalia, which is located at the Zoobe intersection in Mogadishu, which has been attacked by explosions carried out by the Al-Shabaab group.

An unknown number of armed assailants entered the ministry, and there is a battle between the Somali government forces that went to the center after the attack and the security forces.

The attack and the explosions resulted in death and serious injuries, and Media has so far confirmed 10 deaths, and the injury is much more than that.

Reports received by Capital Online say that the second explosion killed the police commander of Hodan district, Hussein Addad, who was recently transferred from Wardhiigley district, and some of his bodyguards were also killed.

Among the people who have been confirmed dead so far is journalist Mohamed Isse Koona, who worked for M24 TV, and is one of the most famous journalists in the city. VOA reporter Abdulkadir OK was also injured.

There is a loss of death and injury to civilians who were in the vicinity of the center, and the ministry is located in a very busy intersection.

According to Capital Online, the minister of the Ministry of Education, Farah Sheikh Abdul Qadir, the deputy and the director general of the ministry were completely absent from the center when the attack took place.

Many government troops have arrived at the center where the attack was carried out, and the gunmen who launched the attack are still fighting in the center, and the sound of heavy explosions can be heard inside the center.

The Attack On The Capital City

Two heavy explosions and subsequent gunshots were recently heard near the Zoobe intersection in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, according to reports from Media.

Initial reports received by Dalka Times say that the Al-Shabaab group launched an attack on the Ministry of Education Center in the area of Zoobe street, and an armed gunman from this group went inside.

One explosion was heard for the first time, but a few minutes later another strong explosion occurred in the same place, which was said to be an explosion connected to the car that the attackers were in.

Heavy gunfire can be heard inside the center between the government forces and the attackers.

It is feared that there will be loss of life and injuries considering the intensity of the explosions, which were heard in many parts of the capital.

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