What is the purpose of Kim Jong-un’s missiles?


At these times, the North Korean crisis has been recurring, but the situation on the Korean peninsula is now the most tense in five years, and it looks like it will get worse.

Dalka Times:Last month, the North fired a missile at Japan, forcing local residents to seek shelter in what appeared to be an act of aggression and provocation.

It launched several more missiles, flew warplanes near the border with South Korea, and fired hundreds of missiles into the sea, which fell into a military zone, which the two Koreas did in 2018 to maintain peace. The two countries are technically still at war.

On Monday, a North Korean commercial ship crossed the country’s maritime border, prompting the two sides to exchange warning shots. South Korea said the attack was deliberate.


There are three reasons why North Korea launches missiles, which are to test and develop weapons technology; to send a political message to the world, especially the United States; and to attract its own people.

It can be difficult to sort through all of Pyongyang’s actions, but this time Mr. Kim has been clear, and state media has repeatedly said North Korea’s recent drills are in response to military exercises by the US, South Korea, and Japan.

The North accused its enemies of increasing the tension and said that their invasion was a clear warning that they should stop.

Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo have been conducting large-scale military exercises in the past two months, separately and together, to show that they are ready for a nuclear attack against North Korea.

The reason North Korea started developing nuclear weapons in the first place is to prevent an invasion.

Mr. Kim last year laid out a five-year plan, detailing all the new weapons he planned to develop.

These include small nuclear bombs and short-range missiles. The latest tests are evidence that Kim is not only working on weapons but training his troops to use them. He used some recent drills, he said, to simulate a nuclear attack on South Korea.

Sanctions have not stopped North Korea from developing weapons, as intended, but are hurting its economy.

Talks aimed at easing those sanctions have long stalled, and North Korea is ignoring the international agenda.

The world is very worried about the war in Ukraine and the rise of Chinese power. President Biden’s position is that sanctions on North Korea will be eased only when it agrees to give up all of its nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Washington and Seoul have agreed to strengthen their defenses in the Gulf by holding military exercises that Pyongyang hates and responding to its provocations with force. After the latest round of North Korean missiles and drills, South Korea sent in fighter jets and fired artillery.

If Kim wants to negotiate with the United States on terms that are beneficial to him, he must first understand how much of a threat his country poses to the rest of the world.

Last month, he declared that North Korea was a nuclear weapons state, a position he said could not be reversed.

“We should be worried about Kim’s commitment to this,” said Kim Jong-dae, a former adviser to South Korea’s Defense Ministry.

He pointed out how, in the past, North Korea would wait until US troops finished their military exercises before retaliating. This time they fired artillery into the sea while the parade was going on.

I have never seen this bravery and provocation before. It is different from the past. “North Korea is behaving like a nuclear country,” he said.

The United States and South Korea believe that North Korea is preparing to test its seventh nuclear weapon. There is hope for a rapprochement now that the Chinese Communist Party Congress has just ended and elections are approaching. in the middle of the United States.

Meanwhile, South Korea is in yet another round of war, with the United States planning to join them. This may well give Kim Jong-un the excuse he has been waiting for.