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US prosecutors refused to release a statement they shared with the court


The United States Department of Justice on Monday resisted efforts to release a written statement sent to the court that was a testimony, the reasons they wanted the court to allow to search the home of former President Donald Trump in the state of Florida.

The Department of Justice said that the affidavit letter related to the investigation that was sent to the court contains “many sensitive issues” and the names of the witnesses should not be disclosed.

The action taken by the Department of Justice came after several media organizations, including the AP news agency, filed a request to publish the testimony that the Department of Justice submitted to the court.

Juan Antonio Gonzalez, the United States Attorney for the State of Miami, and Jay Bratt, who is also a senior official in the National Security Department of the Department of Justice, argued that if the letter attached to their request, which they sent to the court, is disclosed, that causing great harm to the ongoing investigative case.

The information that the Department of Justice shared with the court contains sensitive information, including witnesses interviewed by the government, as well as other confidential information about the jury.

The Department of Justice and former President Trump’s attorneys have previously approved the release of portions of court documents related to the investigation of former President Trump’s home.

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