Somalia Disabled People Produced local made face mask


distribution of local face mask made disability people

On Thursday 01 April 2021 in Mogadishu free distribution of face make local made renewable produced the disabled people is distributed to the vulnerable people the disability people and the displaced people in Mogadishu. The first production presented On Thursday 01 April 2021

Mask the vulnerable people is joint venture initiatives from the disabled people most of the youth groups realized the need for the production renewable local face mask  free distribution for 4,000 persons in one month. The institute of education for the disabled people opened workshop facility for the production of face mask.

An import work is invested by the IRISE HUB through DALBILE youth development project in Somalia part of the EU and UNFPA funded program.  A project that employed team youth most of the disability people both male and female.  The first production 1,300 pcs is distributed to the Dayah disability development organization based in Dharkenley district and the Koorsan IDP camp based in Wadajir district Mogadishu Banadir region in Somalia

Mss. Amina Mohamed Dhurow the project officer for the mask vulnerable people campaign told the media. The initiation of the idea and the production of face mask is led and own by the disabled people who took the responsibility to participate the covid19 wave 2 prevention campaign in Somalia and the safety of the disability from the deadly pandemic covid19

Mr. Abdullahi Hassan the project manager for the mask up vulnerable people complain told the media public. An important work serving the vulnerable people in  Somalia. Organized by the disability and supported by the IRISE through DALBILE youth development  program supported EU and the UNFPA in Somalia.

somali disability made renewable face mask