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Somalia Constitutional input  consultation for the disabled people rights held in Mogadishu.


On Sunday 18 April 2021 members from the Somalia DPOs disabled people organizations participated consultation for the constitutional input the disability people rights. The discussion is participated most scholars, DPOs and PWDS representatives who made one day active engagement with members from the ministry of the women and human rights and legal experts working the constitutional amendment human rights inputs

Members of the disabled people raised several question, suggestion and opinions to input draft   the constitution for the disability people rights uplifted protection in Somalia. The participants is divided into groups  working their contribution to the legal expert will work contribution input from the disability.  The team made outstanding presentation to the participation where cross cutting question where exchanged among the team members.

The participants of the constitutional amendment input  with expert had made  draft point presentations. The ministry of the women and human rights will make proposal to the independent constitutional  committee, ministry of the constitution and joint parliament commute for the constitutional amendment monitoring to take the request from the PWDs and DPOs for the input of the constitution.

Members of the  disability proposed assignment of the team working the legal expert preparation of draft input from the outcome of the 18 April 2021 constitutional amendment human rights input from the PWDS and DPOs. And  joint work  from the ministry of human rights and members from the PWDs and DPOs expert the issue of the disability people rights  for the paper position under the human rights ministry Somali federal government.

The concern from the participant was lack commitment the draft made in the 18 April 2021 constitutional amendment human right paper position. There are many consultation for the conditional amendment the PWDs and DPOs preventatives participated with ministry of the human rights, ministry of the constitutional affairs, independent constitutional amendment committee and the parliament constitutional  amendment monitoring committee. Which has not made any changes and input to the draft constitutional for Somalia.

Somalia signed the CRPD the united nation convention rights persons disabilities 2019 which enforces greater rights and role for the decision making tables, organs and work.  Without the participation the PWDs and DPOs will be violation of the CRPD. Both international community, civil society and Somalia federal government organs is required to insure the full  implementation of the CRPD

the civil society organizations from the PWDs and DPOs  participated the 18 April 2021 constitutional amendment human rights paper position are:-  Somali Disability Cluster, Somali Disability Empowerment Network,  Somalia Disability Network and Somalia National Disability council

the points raised in the consultation are:-

  1. participation the PWDs rights and role in Somalia
  2. national employment  the civil service quota nearly %10  and education scholarship
  3. National economic investment and development fund quota %3
  4. political participation organs of the government directorate for disability cabinet ministries
  5. legislation participation allocation 5 MPs quota fro the PWDs  with gender equity

Somalia PWDs and DPOs are working hard to get social and political participation rights in Somalia the last three  decades from 2010 unto now 2021


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