On 20 march 2021 joint venture from the  irise hube and IEDP centre launched workshop facility  A complain  to provide face mask the displaced people and the disabled people is launched in Mogadishu. The facility is equipped by IRISE Hub through DALBILE program.

The workshop facility  creates  employment opportunities for  the unemployed youth from the displaced in the IDP camps and the PWDs person with disabilities in Mogadishu. The team will prepare the production of hundreds new mask every .  a pilot project  for one month will produce nearly  two or three thousands renewable local made face mask

The materials  produced in the workshop facility will be cheaper and safer for the community. They consist of fabricated garment with two or three layer of Cotton sheets that can protect to pass the virus. Not hard for the breath in and out for the consumers of the materials.

The idea came from the members of the disabled people activists who got concern after the death cases of covid19  for close friends and villager. The members of the PWDs realized neglected  without awareness for the spread of the covid19 in the community. Which has killed hundreds in Somalia the first weeks of the march 2021.

The team shared their idea more partners civil society, donors and some governmental organizations, fortunately DALBILE program was the first responded to make pilot  project for the idea and invested the establishment of the workshop facility producing hundreds local made face mask.

this idea came the appropriate  time when the Benedir region local authority and the ministry of health imposed covid19 prevention regulation including  obligation to wear every person in Mogadishu  face-mask on 15 march 2021.  expensive cost of the mask is not possible  for the most disabled people and the displaced in the IDP camps along with fine for every persons who did not meet the orders to fight the covid19

Mss. Amina Mohamed the charlady of the SAFDI Somali association female disability thanks the establishment of the workshop facility and the production of local made face mask for the disabled people. And  thanked to the partner supporting the project. She said that her concern for the disease covid19 spread in the Somalia community will reduce

Mr. Abdullahi Hassan the chairperson of the Somali Disability Cluster and  member of the Somali national disability council is the founder of the idea who is wheelchair twins after concern from the death of close friend wheelchair find in some village about one KM his house. He told that he is very happy to see today the idea is becoming practical that reduces the fear from the covid19  negligence for the disability people and the displaced  people in and outskirt of Mogadishu .

Somali government signed the CRPD the convention rights persons disabilities which gives the PWDs and DPOs the participation of the social, development and political in Somalia. And such this occasion to support the idea from the disabled people rare in society and the donors. Kudos DALBILE program and Irise Hub team in Somalia