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Somali Terrorist Group Alshabab Killed A Fisher Man in Marka District.


“The group have fired at a boat carrying number of fishermen in Marka District”, Former Governor of Marka said.

The boat was navigating across Marka’s coast in between locations of Jilib and Gardanshe. Al-Shabaab fired at the boat after they allegedly suspected it to be used to spy against them by joint troops of AMISOM and Somali soldiers.

“The boat was carrying five fishermen who were sailing across locations of the district, Al-Shabaab fired at the boat and area they had their base and killed one of the fishermen,” the former Governor of Marka told an online media platform.

Al-Shabaab is suspicious over the ongoing joint troop’s operation of AMISOM and Somali National Army in Lower Shabelle. The joint forces have recently taken over Sabiid town which is said to be a big blow to the militants.

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