The short Marathon race held in Mogadishu this morning


In Mogadishu this morning, the event was held at the Marathon Trail, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia and Benadir Regional Administration.

Hundreds of youths competing for the names of the districts of Banaadir region participated in the competition, together with girls and boys, and jointly opened with the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Somali government Khadija Mohamed Dirie and the Governor of Banaadir Ing Abdirahman Yarisow.

Running started at km4 intersection, and ended up in the Wimbledon Trainer with a variety of preliminary rivals.

Hundreds of people who participated in the race took the first place in the competition by Abdi-Karim Garan from Karan District, while the second runner-up won the Maryan Nuux.

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