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A Somalia mother was forced to give birth outside a medical facility funded by German Government


The Somalia mother was forced to give birth outside a medical facility funded by Germany Government for failing to pay $20 demanded by the staff for midwifery services .

The hospital whose operations are managed by a local NGO WARDI told the woman that unless they money was paid; they could not attend to her. A male staff member carried her out of the facility even as she was about to deliver.

In an interview with Dalsan TV, the woman named Khadra Mohamed 19 Yers old said,

“When I arrived at the hospital, a boy alerted a female doctor. I asked her to attend to me as I wait for my father to come and sort out the bill as they had requested”.

She added ” the doctor then told me to get out of the facility since there was no one accompanying me. She said she would be held responsible should anyone die in her hands. I pleaded with her to attend to be because I was in pain but she was adamant”.

“I could not get up from where I was seated. But she told me to move out of the door and that I would be rebooked later. The female doctor continued yelling at me to leave. At this point , a boy carried me in his shoulder and placed me outside. Not even the guards were not willing to help lift me”.

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“I went in to labor and started giving birth. At this point, women who were around tried to plead with the hospital to help them with scissors and gloves but they were denied.

Another man who was passing by said that they umbilical cord of the baby needed to be cut. It was then that I was taken to a nearby house where I was given some porridge and vimto which helped me regain energy.

The mother and baby are safe.

She said it was unfortunate that she was not attended to because she did not have money . “It is unfortunate that they serve only those who have money. I wonder if they would still do the same to someone who is critically ill”.

The facility is funded by the German government and is considered a community hospital which should be giving free services. Mogadishu Mayor also said that the CID must move in swiftly on the staff who mistreated the mother.

Social media users demande that the that the government cracks down on the NGO taking money from the desperate.

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