In recent years, the number of Somali migrants heading to the United States has been increasing. But some of these people are sent back after entering the United States.

During the reign of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, the number of Somali migrants who yearned for the United States decreased, but when he lost the re-election, the old flow returned.

President Joe Biden’s administration has lifted the ban on travel to the United States from countries including Somalia. But some of the people who reach the country fail to be accepted.

40 Somalis are now expected to be deported to Somalia by the US government.

The forty Somalis are currently awaiting deportation in a prison in Mississippi, which is located in the south of the United States.

A question that many people ask themselves is; What is wrong with people being sent back as asylum seekers?

Migrants who cross the US-Mexico border have in the past been held for a few days in places in the country and later released.

Now the reports are saying that those people are being taken to prison until they are sent back to their countries of origin.

So in order to get the answer to the question we mentioned above, we spoke to a Somali lawyer named Mohamud Muse Hassan, who explained to the countrytimes why some people are deported after going through a long migration.

“When the people are taken to prison, some of them may be sent back to Somalia, as the asylum they wrote is not strong and the things that were asked, the fear of the questions [they did something wrong],” he said.

The lawyer who told the Dalkatimes said that some asylum seekers do not understand how to process the case.

“Obviously, when the lawsuit is being written, your lawsuit must be strong and prove the problem you have left and the problem you have suffered,” he continued.

In the last few years, there has been a crisis in the United States related to immigrants, including Somalis, and some regions have complained about the number of migrants.