Secret satellite images show that military gatherings took place this month in towns on both sides of Ethiopia’s northern border with Eritrea, according to an independent American company on Wednesday.

The Reuters news agency, which wrote the report, said it could not independently verify images showing military activity that it said was behind the collapse of a five-month ceasefire in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on August 24.

The Tigray forces are at war with the federal forces of Ethiopia and their allies, including the Eritrean forces and fighters from the neighboring regions of Ethiopia, which has been going on for almost two years.

Images obtained on September 26 show military forces, vehicles and artillery on the ground in the town of Shiraro, near Tigray’s northern border with Eritrea, according to Maxar Technologies Inc, which collects and publishes satellite imagery. the region.

Most of the communications in Tigray region have been off air for more than a year.

The Tigray forces said on September 13 that the Eritrean forces, who were fighting alongside the Ethiopian soldiers, took control of the town of Shiraro since the war resumed, but they said that they were repelled.

Officials in Ethiopia and Eritrea did not respond to requests for comment on the recent war.

Eritrean troops supported the Ethiopian military in the early stages of the war, but the Eritrean government has not confirmed its participation in the war since the ceasefire broke down, but said earlier this month that some of its reserve forces had been called back.