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The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Somalia entered the second day


The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Somalia has entered the second day, which today is to analyze the priority activities of the government of Somalia and the various agencies of the government.

The meeting was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama. Review of the Constitution, Security and Stability of the country, Justice & Judiciary, Economic Development and Development of Social Affairs.

He also said that the issues discussed in the meeting will be discussed at length by the Cabinet and experts who are part of the meeting, including the former Chairman of the People’s Assembly, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari.

As planned, the meeting of the Council of Ministers was concluded today, but it is being reported that it will be concluded tomorrow, as the discussions are still going on.

The general meeting of the Council is being strengthened as it is necessary for the cooperation of joint work organizations, to implement the government services that are needed by the Somali people.

Also, Prime Minister Hamza, who spoke at the opening of the meeting yesterday, emphasized to the Assembly how necessary it is to keep in mind the cumulative problems in the country, pointing out that the Somali people are waiting for a clear plan for salvation from this assembly – giving to the needy community.

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