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Assuming that people are interested in the games and apps available through the bundles, they could save a fair amount of money. If someone chose the most expensive games and apps they could, they’d get a value of just under $380.

The redemption period for the promotion is interesting because it began on August 25, 2022. Of course, that’s already happened, and Intel’s Arc GPUs aren’t available. CPUs and GPUs have to be purchased by December 31, 2022, though items can be redeemed until the end of January 2023.

Intel Arc GPUs are on the way to desktops shortly, likely in October if rumors and speculation are to be believed. Based on leaks by Twitter user momomo_us, shoppers will be able to receive several games and apps as part of a bundle when purchasing an Intel Arc GPU and a 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU (via Tom’s Hardware).

The promotion looks like it will be called the “Intel Software Advantage Program,” based on a webpage uncovered by momomo_us. The listed bundles will allow people to get four games and some additional apps at no extra cost. On the app side of things, shoppers will get to choose three out of five titles.

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