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Mayor of Mogadishu; “ The Handball tournament is a competition that would foster integration and social bonding”


Mogadishu:-The mayor of Mogadishu who is also the Governor of Banadir Region has graced the start of the inter-district Handball competition at the Wiish Stadium in Mogadishu.

The tournament would feature 17 teams representing the 17 districts of Benadir Region.

The mayor said the start of the tournament proves that Mogadishu is safe and stable, thanks to president Farmajo’s administration’s continuous efforts to streamline security and foster national integration.

“This is yet another clear sign of the security gains made in the capital, and in the country. This administration is firm in ensuring that Mogadishu continues on the path to glory”

The mayor called on the youth to actively engage in building cohesion, unity and integration. It is a priority for the Banadir administration to enhance games, recreation and tournaments that would bring about unity and harmony.
“Such games foster unity, social bonding and integration” the mayor said.

The districts of Hodan and Hamar Weyne competed in the opening match of the tournament.

The inter-district Handball games would be an annual fixture.

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