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Somaliland has been requested to join the fight against Shabaab


One of the MP’s of the Somali Federal Government Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein (Odowa) who is currently in the capital of Galmudug in Dhusamareeb, spoke about the organization of the war against the Al-Shabaab group that is currently underway there. Odowa declared that there is a need to unite in the fight against this group, to face it and remove it from the whole country.

The former Minister of Internal Affairs continued his speech and declared that the Somali people in general need help and that they should directly participate in the war being waged by the Somali government, sending a message to Puntland and Somaliland. “The Somali people who live in the areas that are not in the front line of Al-Shabaab, they want support, they want help, they want help. Those people who are only in this area are not from Puntland and Somaliland,” said MP Odowa.

The MP also called on the two administrations of Somaliland and Puntland to show support to the people who are fighting against Al-Shabaab, asking them to send weapons and troops to the areas where the fight against Al-Shabaab is taking place. “If they decide to leave, they don’t see anywhere, that’s why they want to go, when the Puntland administration, the Somaliland administration, and other Somalis who are safe from the rescue men intervene, if they can send men, send them. and girls if they can send arms & ammunition” he added.

The War Commitment

Somalia’s president Mr. Hassan Shiekh Mahmud has several occasions spoke to the public about how it is necessery that Somalia defeats The Shabaab Group in one of his recenty public messages shared of how proud he is of the courage and resilient communities across Somalia which have joined forces with their government security services to make a firm stand against Al-Shabab and their abuse and subjugation of our people and nation. Our unified message is clear: we will no longer be bullied, humiliated, killed, or extorted. We will defend ourselves, our communities, and our country against international terrorists. Terrorism will have no friend or anywhere to call home in Somalia. 

Al-Shabaab will not be defeated by the gun alone. We must use military force, corrective ideological education, and starve them off their illicit financing. I reiterate my call to the Somali people to have faith in our collective efforts and to bravely resist cooperating with Al-Shabaab in any shape or form, regardless of the cost, the president said. Somalia is currently in a state of war as a result of operations carried out against Al-Shabaab which are currently underway in the south and central Somalia, which intensified when the people in the country’s regions joined the war.


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