Somali public and thwarting the improvement of the country.
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has instructed the Ministry of Religion and Endowments to hold a conference of Somali scholars to discuss the establishment of the Somali Scholars Association.

The President pointed out that the ongoing war to free the country from Al-Shabaab terrorists is the backbone of Somali scholars who are the inheritors of our noble religion, and he shared how important it is for them to support their joint struggle with their knowledge and voice. by the Armed Forces and the people in the areas where the terrorists are hiding.
The president adulated the Somali researchers for the great job they play in bringing issues to light, particularly in the battle against the unreasonable philosophy of psychological warfare and showing how the Al-Shabaab are falsifying our good religion of Islam, noting their contribution to drought relief and helping people. the poor.

For their part, the scholars shared with the President advice on building a government, developing the country and fighting extremist ideology, praising the operations and the public uprising against Al-Shabaab terrorists. They likewise introduced how they stand by the continuous tasks.