Qatar Airways launches its first flight to Mogadishu


Qatar Airways has started its first commercial flight to Mogadishu, the airlines confirmed.

The first flight of the company was officially launched on Monday and will be from Doha to Mogadishu via Djibouti.

The plane is expected to land at Adan Adde International Airport in the forthcoming hours.

“Starting 1 July 2019, experience Qatar Airways’ award-winning service and unparalleled hospitality with flights from Mogadishu,” the company confirms.

QTR 1459 operating Airbus 320-232 is scheduled to fly three times a week via Djibouit.

This new airline operation to Mogadishu is expected to lower the ticket price and will rejuvenate already growing international carrier market in Somalia.

Several International airlines have already restarted their flights to Somalia in recent years.
Ethiopian and Turkish Airlines are the only international airlines operating the horn of Africa nation.

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