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Somali Council of Ministers issued a serious decision related to the military


The meeting of the Somali Council of Ministers chaired today by the Deputy Prime Minister of the federal government of Somalia, Mr. Salah Jama, was issued with a serious decision.

The Council of Ministers has completely prohibited the use of the armed forces outside of their constitutional duties, while the country is in a state of war.

He also listened to a report from the Minister of Defence, which was about the progress of the operations to chase the terrorists and the effective achievements of the armed forces and the local people working together.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also reported on the drought situation in the country and where the emergency operations are going.

Finally, the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the federal government of Somalia was presented with information related to the communication and health of the country.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers in recent weeks has been particularly focused on the war situation in the country, with every meeting the council has issued important decisions for the current situation.

The Somali government said in the early hours of yesterday that Al-Shabaab was defeated in the battle of Yasooman.

The Creation of Mawisley Militia

It now appears that the new government led by Mr. Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Hamza Barre has decided to create a rebellion against Al-Shabaab by supporting and arming the local people (militia) or militias. This issue has created concern and a different point of view.

Some people think that the only way to defeat Al-Shabaab is to incite the local population to lose shelter, while others believe that the solution lies in a united council and a competent national army.

Somali security forces say they have made gains on the battlefield in recent weeks while fighting alongside local self-defense groups, but al Shabaab has continued to conduct deadly raids. Some political experts say that politicians are arming their clans under the pretext that they are fighting Al-Shabaab, but they want to build the power to negotiate in order to get higher positions or stay in their rule.

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