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Najax A true love story that will make you cry. Part 1


6 years goes to twenty, beauty goes to it
In the mind, a warm light follows the sun.

Her name is Najax.

A gray cloth is lightly draped over her head, as she descends
penetrates the purple color of the leaves below her shoulders

Her posture is rooted in her feet
shoes added to her height. The cloth she is in is from
It is on the top of the stomach, and the hands are rolling down
on top of which they are protected from shock. The forefingers of her left hand are
She was holding a phone on her chest with her eyes closed
they are guarding.

Sahra and Hoodo are waiting for you on the way
in front of the house. The bee could not tell the difference between her and the flower
dancing on it. Butterfly I understand that her
A branch is sitting nearby watching. Their car
She was waiting and came out not far away. Happiness is a spider’s web
She who was hiding jumped from nearby. Ears that don’t reach
She put a sound in front of them where they could hear something.

– Ladies, do you have five minutes? Look at us
Look at these women.
He stopped next to the car, laughing beside her
going on, and BK has his work cut out for him. Three steps away
she reached nine. The chair did not sit well
Jumped up “Brother, don’t listen to my song, let it be my father.”

Sahra, who did not want to go far, answered him
“And what is your father doing at home at ten in the morning?”.
Najah, who did not bother, slapped him, “No, my father is not like that.”
Your father travels around, but his family stays with him.

HoodoLix, who is in another place, added, “Brother, God, this song is here
It’s coming to me!”. They laughed bitterly at each other. On the other hand
They turned to the university to make other students happy
share before heading to the hotel.

Three hours left before graduation. Five years
Have a laugh and cry today. More than happy
and sorrow begins today.
It is an armor, if they are not ready for marriage, today is for them

Whatever excuse they used to come up with, this one is the best today
the last one. But let him get married, isn’t it bad, he is getting married?
Hoodo started. “We are saying, brother, men from my side

Sahra: What are you guys doing?
Najax: Shut up, why do you hate boys?
is it?
Sahra: Akhas Caleeg, why do men do it!
Hoodo: This is a man.
Najax: he is also a bad character. What are you guys doing?
hate you, what did they do to you?

Sahra: Why are you in a hurry to get married? If I don’t
I am married and have only two children.
Hoodo: I prayed for you.
Najah: yes, God willing.
Sahara: the desert.
Hoodo: Amen, what a curse she thinks of the children.
Oh God, I asked you for nine prayers.

Najah: Give it to us, brother, leave it alone.
Hoodo: Oh my God, mix the wind and water.
Sahra: The woman prays badly, God bless her.
Najax: tell us, Hoodo, talk to someone first
Sahra: There are three.

Hoodo: Yes, the other two are falconers, only one is different
knowing. And that’s who came up with the story.

Success: What story?

Hoodo: When I was at the market, I said “fetch me”. Wait for me
let me take the key from mother”. “Oh my God” I just said.
“Mom, where do you have your car keys?”. Who says “yes”, mouth
you are tough! I haven’t spoken to Dee in three days. We went to the hotel
we will see you.

Sahra: She always used to talk to Handikab. One
You will have a good conversation with yourself.
Hoodo: bisin bisin, it doesn’t pass under you. He is my brother
Leave me alone, what are you talking about?

Najah: If I tell you that I like it, don’t you see it with me?
Hoodo: And what are you looking for?
Sahara: Justin Bieber.
Najah: God, brother, this is just a joke, but still one
I didn’t see anything impressive. Now we are educated girls, we must
We don’t talk to anyone. Naa or did she lie?
Hoodo: That’s right. O God, those who came from heaven
Show us the summer.

Sahra: those who have a different mother.
The university building is already in front of them. It is there
continued the story until it was time for the ceremony.
A party of many colors, people of many names, and joy of sorts
many. All of them are ready for me
away from their current location. Today is the day
to wash away the fatigue of the last five years, it is a day
one of the few days they have in the world.

Relatives and friends will come, and while they are away, it will be on the screens tonight
will watch it. The leaders of the country are very lazy
will turn, except for one. He is the president’s son
gave birth to Najah. Not sure if he will come, if at all
come, he will be the star of the forum. I’m single yet
married, unmarried

and wealth that do not know each other.

He has been abroad for several years.

It is not well known in the country.
Two hours have passed since the ceremony. Part of their class
intended they improved with more than three. Something
After a while he called out verses from the Qur’an. Long speeches
followed, and they are sharing a story below.

Najax was laughing and her ears heard her name being called by two
ten speakers connected to the site. She pricked up her ears
she quickly stopped laughing. The name can be shared

She also forgot that she can share a boy. The boy
the president. “Welcome to the microphone Mr. Najax”.
She cut her eyes several walls before meeting his gaze
before. The neck was dislocated several times. She saw it. The jaw
the bottom has dropped. If she was looking for beauty, the one to
She saw the load.

Her ears clapped at the sound
closed to help the eyes. Her neck went with it
He took his steps to the stage of the speech. The eyes are forgotten
to blink. Five feelings and two more that she sent
she gave it to him. She said under her breath, “This honey drop is from me
Did you say ‘tif’?”.

Name it above, break it down. The eyes of the hall
present, except for his two, the rest are with him. He didn’t stay any longer
when he jumped up, he didn’t pause as he moved forward.
His superiors are divided between white and black
appearing among the people he passes through. Four soldiers on duty
He passed by, greeting him.

Najax, who was not far from his destination, hoped that he would come to her side
look. He continued his courageous walk. Every step he takes
Take her to the stage, she was very close to her heart
coming soon. She had it on the surface. For her part, he is coming
she hugged him. She smiled to herself. From the eyes
put it in, not far away when he stood up, “come to me.”
look” she said softly.

His appearance gave him the name. The fact that he is the president’s son does not scare her. Light
Her bulging liver was hiding behind her. Her own body
His administration was taken over. Members loosened,
The bones flowed, the bones stood up. Without anything
She choked on food.

The sound that came from his mouthpiece made him gasp
sleeping on her ears. That he is talking to her
left. She wanted to withdraw. She hummed, “Hey,
It’s true, I agree with what you said,” she added
when he finished the greeting. Hoodo is next
took notice. She woke him up from his dream with a loud voice.

– Alas, let’s just keep our mouths shut, the rice and the sauce.
Sahra turned around.

– What did you get?

– Give us the sow that ate the boy.
– Naa cousin, you have bad manners when you listen to people
We are silent when we talk, Najax added to herself.
Sahra, who still did not understand what was going on, continued her questions.
– I don’t understand, is this little girl watching you?


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