The only Somali who wants to play in the World Cup


The only Somali who wants to play in this year’s World Cup in Qatar

Dalka Times:The World Cup, which is held once every four years, will take place later this year in Qatar. He will be of particular interest to Somalis, as one of the players who will be part of the team includes a Somali boy.

Normally, every country that hosts the World Cup gets into the list of teams playing automatically and unconditionally, while all other countries come through the playoffs.

The national team that will represent Qatar in the competition includes a player from Somalia, whose father used to be a member of the national team of Somalia.

Akram Hassan Afif is even described as one of the backbone players for the national team of Qatar.

This boy, who is now 24 years old, wears the number 11 for the Qatar national team and plays on the left wing of the attack.

His name became widely known after he made an impression in the Asian Cup in 2019, when he played a major role in the victory that Qatar finally won the cup.

In that season, Akram scored one of three goals that Qatar won against Japan in the final.

Also, he was very visible in the competition of the Arab countries that took place in 2021.

The star plays for Al Sadd in the Qatari League.

When he started his career, it was pointed out that he would be a miracle player.

Who is Akram Afif?

Akram was born to Hassan Afif, a Somali player who used to be a member of the Somali national team.

Biriq, one of Somalia’s former players, told the BBC earlier that Akram’s father used to be a well-known football player.

“Hasan Afif used to be a player for the Somali national team and the hare team. He was a well-known striker in Somalia, and he was selected from the players from Kismayo city, and I was one of the lucky ones to play alongside him, “he said.

Hassan Afif used to play in the first division of Somalia and was the backbone of the national team and his team.

On the other hand, Biriq said that Akram, like his father, is a professional player whose future is bright.

“He is a young player and the whole world is very interested in Akram Afif today. In the Asian Cup Final, Akram showed a great game. So we can really say that he is very promising and can reach the world of football, “he continued.

Akram Afif was born in the city of Dosha, the capital of Qatar, on November 18, 1996.

What we can’t wait for now is the way he will perform at the World Cup, where most of the world’s most famous players will gather.