The man who did not bathe for half a century passed away


Amou Haji refused to use soap and water for more than half a century, for fear of getting sick.

Dalka Times:The Iranians, who lived in the southern region of Fars, avoided previous attempts by the villagers to clean them up.

But, according to local media, Haji finally succumbed to community pressure and washed up a few months ago.

According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, he fell ill shortly after and died on Sunday.

In an earlier interview, given to the Tehran Times in 2014, Haji revealed that his favorite food was pork, and that he lived between an undergroundcave and a brick house built by neighbors in Dejgah village.

He told the newspaper at the time that his choice was prompted by an unusual downturn in his life that hit him at a young age.

Years of not bathing had left his skin covered in grime and grime, “IRNA said, while his diet consisted of rotting meat and unclean water he drank from old oil cans.

He also enjoyed smoking and was photographed doing so on several occasions.

The attempts to bathe him or give him clean water to drink reached a tragic state, said the news agency that reported his death.

However, holding the record for the person who hasn’t showered for the longest time has been an ongoing debate since 2009.

There were reports of an Indian man who, at the time, had not washed or brushed his teeth for 35 years, which was not reported.

I didn’t know until now where he was.