Putin’s ‘Mass Strike’ on Ukraine Draws Enraged Judgment


The strikes killed no less than 14 individuals in Ukraine and upset power in certain locales. Russia said they were in counter for a shoot on a vital scaffold to Crimea. The Unified Countries General Gathering is meeting in a crisis meeting.

Here is the most recent on Russia’s assaults across Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia released the broadest elevated attack against Ukraine’s regular people and basic foundation since the beginning of Moscow’s attack, hitting urban areas the nation over on Monday in expansive strikes that drew angry global judgment.

Russia’s assaults killed something like 14 individuals cross country and injured 97 others, the Ukrainian specialists said, and took out power and other key administrations in numerous urban areas. President Biden censured “the sheer severity of Mr. Putin’s unlawful conflict,” and India and China, key exchanging accomplices of Moscow that have kept away from direct analysis of Mr. Putin, reestablished calls for sure fire de-acceleration.