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Head of Somali Parliament in ICJ for a short visit.


The Speaker Of The Parliament Of The Federal Republic Of Somalia, Mr. Sheikh Adan Mohamed Noor (Madobobe), While Still On His Visit To The Hague In The Netherlands, Had An Important Meeting With The President Of The International Court Of Justice, ICJ. Mrs. Joan E. Donoghue.

Mr. Adan Was Welcomed By The President Of The International Court Of Justice, Mrs. Joan E. Donoghue. While Holding A Briefing And Information Session On How Somalia Can Be Used For Judicial Work, The Chairman Was Also Briefed On The Somali And Kenyan Maritime Case, Which Was Rejected By The Transitional Parliament During His Tenure As Chairman, And The Way The Court Works And Its History.

Finally, The Speaker Of The Parliament Of The Federal Republic Of Somalia And His Delegation Thanked Mrs. Joan E. Donoghue, The President Of The ICJ Court, For The Warm Welcome Given To Them And Noted That The Court Will Help To Improve The Judicial Services In The Country.

For the past four decades, Kenya has said its maritime border runs in a line due east from where the two countries meet at the coast. The East African Nation failed to strike oil and gas deposits in the coastal strip that has for years been at the center of an international border dispute with neighboring Somalia. The dispute has been at the heart of a diplomatic row between the neighbors.

The panel of 14 judges sitting in The Hague said that Kenya had not proved that Somalia had previously agreed to its claimed border. Instead, they drew a new line which has split the disputed area in two. In a statement, former Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said the ruling would “strain the relations between the two countries”. and it is yet to be seen if anything changes with the new Kenya administration led by President, Mr. William Ruto.

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