What is next after the end of Hiran operation?


The large-scale operation in Hiran region has come to an end, as announced by the government media, the Commander of the Somali Army, General Mohamed Tahliil Bihi.

During this operation named Waabari 2, 127 members of the Al-Shabaab group were killed, while the long road connecting Beledweyne and Buulo-burte was opened which was previously cut by Al-Shabaab.

So, what’s next for the end of Hiran operation?

The commander of the army, General Odowaa Yusuf Rage, who spoke to the officers and soldiers of the Somali military, called on them to expand operations against Al-Shabaab in the regions of the country.

Odowa indicated that there is a need for the operations to be part of the people living in the areas where Al-Shabaab is still present to be part of the war.

“There is no nation that gets peace without paying its blood, there is no nation that gets freedom and a good life without some parts of its society giving their lives and also their blood, I want to thank you in general for the work you have done for the nation and in fact we cannot express what is in our hearts,” said General Odowa.

He also asked the fighting forces to be patient with the various situations they are facing during their operations, urging them to increase their operations.

“The one you have endured from the enemy is happy, and the one who is dying is hoping that you will be patient, and I do not feel any freedom or life while these terrorist men are on top of me.”

The commander of the country’s armed forces is part of the officials who are on the front line of the war, including the Minister of Defense and other officials of the federal government, who met with the soldiers and officers leading the operations.