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Saudi Arabia confirms Pakistan’s $3 billion deposit


The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going to give Pakistan a lot of financial aid in the coming days, which will help a lot in the economic decline in the country.

International media reports that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will give Pakistan 3 billion dollars in the coming days, and this money is meant for Pakistan to deal with its deteriorating economy.

According to some media reports, Saudi Arabia will pour billions of dollars into Pakistan’s coffers in the coming weeks, and this money will please the government and the people of the country, which has been affected by the economic downturn.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also said that the production of oil worth 100 million dollars in the next 10 months will be supported by the government of Pakistan every month.

The relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is said to be very good, and both countries support each other in various important areas.

Pakistan is helping Saudi Arabia by providing unceasing support in the field of weapons, training and providing the various forces of the country as well as the pilots of Saudi Arabia.

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