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Peacefinder Haad was rescued from Hayat hotel and gave new information

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The chairman of Hawiye Peacefinding clan elders, Mohamed Hassan Haad, who was among the people who were rescued from the Hayat hotel, narrated what he saw inside the hotel where he was trapped for five hours.

The security forces accused the government forces of being late from the hotel and they arrived two hours later.

When the hotel was attacked, he said that they were sitting outside, and the people run away in three directions, namely the main gate, the upper part of the hotel, and the next floor of Saxafi Hotel.

Mr, Haad added that when the attack started, he went to the wall next to the Sahafi Hotel, where after five hours they rescued him from the Harammad army and he thanked them very much.

Mr, Haad said, “I was inside the hotel for 5 hours. I entered the wall between the Sahafi Hotel and Hayat. The people have run out of, and the hotel has not received the necessary assistance from the government.”

He criticized the Alpha Group army, which he said was handed over to the operation today, which he said destroyed the hotel without doing any rescue, instead he praised Harammad and Commander Farhan Qaroole.

Mr, Haad also reprimanded the leaders of the Somali government that they should change things and take advantage of the activity of the people they led, and at the same time take action in the war they declared against Al-Shabaab.

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