Al-Shabaab carried out attacks in Kenya, at a time while Kenyans went to the polling stations


Reports from the North East region of Kenya say that the Al-Shabaab group has carried out attacks in the country.

The attack was carried out by the group at a time when Kenyans went to the polling stations for the country’s general election, especially the presidential election.

One of the attacks that took place in Warabeyo area under Mandera town was pretended to be an election center and the attack took place during the preparations for the election which started today in the country.

Reports say that the attackers completely destroyed the center where the attack took place, and then fled the scene.

Also, the second attack took place in Illile area, which is also under El-Qalow in Mandera city in the North East region, and after that, a direct fight broke out between the Kenyan army and the attacking forces.

At least 6 soldiers of the Kenyan government have been reported injured, and the situation is still very tense.

There is no word yet from Kenyan security officials regarding the attacks, whose purpose was said to be to disrupt the election.

The Al-Shabaab group always carries out planned attacks that cause various losses in the North East region of Kenya, which has a long border with Somalia.