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Farmajo and Hassan Sheikh in the final round & voting continues


Voting for the final round of Somalia’s presidential election in Mogadishu has begun.

According to the speaker of the parliament, the two candidates are Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who were the most popular candidates in the second round.

The two candidates will split by one more vote and the candidate with more than one vote will win.

Farmajo will lead for another four years if he wins, but if he loses, he will hand over power to his predecessor, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, five years ago, who will also be the first Somali president to return to power in two years. times.

On the other hand. Violent clashes have recently erupted in Mogadishu shortly after it was announced that Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo have reached the final round of the presidential election.

The shooting is said to be a prelude to the celebration of Hassan Sheikh’s candidacy although he has not yet won the post and is still in the final round of voting.

All roads in Mogadishu are closed and only security forces are stationed in some areas guarding the curfew imposed last night.

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