SAFDI Somalia

Members of the Somalia Association Female Disabled SAFDI organized event in Mogadishu. The event was made with all requirement of the covid19 prevention as the Somalia  government  issued statement to day.

The participants of the event were group of females with verity disability who some of them were disabled female scholars  working the women disabled advocacy and empowerment in Somalia from the all kinds of GBV gender based violence and VAW violence again the women in Somalia.

Mss. Shukri told the media she is  very much interested to participate the international women’s day commemoration held in Mogadishu by the disabled females.

Mss. Amina the chairperson of the Somali association disabled female told the media the appreciation for the 8 march 2021 international women’s day with all necessary requirement for the covid19 prevention and protection.  She said we have made far distance and wear protection materials

Mss. Amina presented the problems of the disabled females public and private discrimination.  She send message to the Somalia women civil society organizations, international community, federal state ministries of women and federal government Somalia ministry of women and the first lady of Somalia to give attention the protection of the disabled women.