1. The last days of the life of Haji Ali Mahdi.
Although the first few days after we contacted, the last week of his life, the day he called me and said, ‘I’m in a medical go, some urine dhibee me, I make sure dhakhtarkeygii Dr. Silverstein, an American, whether he is in Nairobi or not, will return to Mogadishu in a week.

I called the doctor, he told me he was in Nairobi, and I made an appointment a day later.

I was leaving and the doctor went to Nairobi Hospital. I asked him about his illness three days before he died and he said: I still don’t have any symptoms of Covid 19, but I do see Namuniya’s asthma.

Two days before his death the doctor said to me: The pilgrim is fine but his wife is in a coma. The Namuniya pilgrim is burdened by Covid / Mamuniya, the size is: He told me a number, and it is 90% of that 75, that 80, but I do not understand the number of doctors.

The day before his death he said to me: His wife is better, but he is worse though he is slowly getting better. In the evening, after praying, the doctor called me and told me: “I have bad news yahya”. Five minutes ago, your friend died. I have not yet told the people outside the room about the news of his death.

(For whatever reason the doctor gives, they have the right to have a further examination to determine the exact cause, ottobsia legaale).

2. The time we did not know each other.

Haji Ali Mahdi, I have known him since 1986. Thirty Years See Pictures, 1990-2000 Mogadishu (F.S: 1st). 2000-2010 Kigali-Rwanda, (F.S: 2nd) 2010-2020, Mogadishu (F.S: 3rd).

He was a very patient person, and he was very close to people at work. We had a lot of disagreements over the way he treated her. We even disagreed with him on other issues, but he never got angry with me and never divorced me.

A lot of lies were me Haji Ali, once the best of his conduct has been saved through extended limits lie, never lie directly on your looga said, a lot we witnessed was wrong even though I am known issue Attempts have been made to deceive me. They have often been used by politicians as propaganda. People who do not know him and have never seen him have been misled by the propaganda.

Some of these things, if they were true, did not greet me, but I knew it was a political propaganda for assassination.

He was a very charitable man, as far as I know, he only had 3 houses in Mogadishu, one he lived in, one he rented from other people, one he was a partner with people. After the war, he gave his house as a charity to a neighbor’s schoolteacher, and he married her in his rented house.

Look at his speeches during the war. Most of the time, a place other than Somalia is not good for me, a single nation cannot be a nation. Defend Yourself and Your Dignity Don’t be stupid, but don’t oppress others.

When he was elected President while the war was still going on, he sent peace elders to the regions of the country.

He was a member of the Sufi Order and was very close to their Sufi scholars.

During the civil war, he himself suffered heavy casualties, and in terms of property damage, I remember: (He himself was looted. Shortly before the war, a ship carrying a vehicle repair kit landed at a cost of one million dollars. joogaty 1990 period. this shows the junction Ceelgaabta yiileen warehouse. hotel group Al-rent with, what rock have been looted).

I knew he loved reading the Qur’an and would read it late at night, so I made my last trip to Turkey in Feb. In 2021 I brought a copy of the Qur’an as a gift from Istanbul.

Since 2010, oil companies have invited him to the United States several times to talk to Somali leaders, but he declined, saying: Why did you refuse? He told me: “The way some companies want something is not in the best interest of this country, and I do not want to persuade the current leadership of something that I have not agreed to.” In the past, I have been accused of polluting the sea and I have nothing to do with it. It has turned out to be a lie. Runi does not reach me, and now I do not want to be accused of having nothing to do with oil and be lied to.

We have agreed on several countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Rwanda, but never
He built a mosque in Yaqshid neighborhood near Towfiiq Hotel (FS: 4). He used to go to the mosque on Fridays and I used to clean it with his own hands. He said, “Bury me in one of these two places. If I die, and in this other place, bury your wife if she dies too.”

3. A brief history.
He was born in Adow Uul village, east of Jowhar, in 1938 or 1939, and began his primary education in 1960. He was trained in Egypt (FS: 5) and worked in the malaria department, returning home. In 1969 he became the youngest member of parliament, the revolution included the arrested politicians, and then returned to work and business.
In 1990 he was one of the elders who signed the Manifesto. He then fled the country when he felt threatened by his safety and returned the same year. After the 1991 Revolution, the Djibouti Conference 1 and 2 elected him President. In 2000 he handed over the presidency, then moved to his farm between Afgoi and Balad, and continued his business.

Abdullahi Yusuf’s government has appointed a chairman of the Somali Reconciliation Commission. since then he has continued to be a somali elder and businessman who does not allow anyone to be oppressed or oppressed.

Sponsors and pray for people will not be lost. Somali proverb (people do not insult you, they do not praise you all). Praise be to Haji Ali Mahdi.
You are free to express your views, correct what is wrong with me and add what is missing.

May God have mercy on him.

Author: Yahya Amir