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Speech of H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo


President of the Federal Republic of Somalia
33rd African Union Summit
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
10th February 2020

Mr. Chairman H.E Cryil Ramaphosa, Excellences,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peace and Security Commission has submitted an outstanding report and I want to emphasise that Somalia is a great example of why we need to silence the guns because with total stability Somalia can be an economic powerhouse playing a key role in the development of the continent given its vast resources, strategic location and entrepreneurial people. However, Somalia has been fighting international terrorism with one arm tides behind its back.

The UN Arms embargo on Somalia is restricting our ability to acquire weapons necessary to defeat terrorists who are manufacturing homemade explosives for opportunistic attacks on innocent civilians and private businesses. The Arms Embargo may have been necessary in the past where Somalia was in turmoil but today, we fighting against international terrorism. As part of our Security Transitional plan, Somalia is committed to take full responsibility for its security from AMISOM and this will require a better equipped National Army able to respond to threats.

Transitional plan requires reduction and drawdown of AMISOM Forces but we need to have clear action plan to rebuild Somali National Army to take AMISOM responsibility. We are always grateful for the AMISOM sacrifices made and their sacrifices will not go in vain.

Silencing the Guns is a key priority for our continent, and we must do everything to prioritize this at all levels. Africa is beautiful, endowed with resources and has the greatest development potential among all continents today. Yet, we will not and cannot realize the full potential of this great opportunity of ours as Africans if we do not Silence the Guns and work on the creating the conducive conditions for our people’s development.


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