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Police stop 79 illegal migrants in North Macedonia.


SKOPJE:-A total of 79 illegal migrants were detained by police in a truck near Gevgelija, southern North Macedonia near the border with Greece, police said in a statement on Monday.

The police said that the illegal migrants were found on Sunday afternoon hiding inside a truck with the country’s number plate driven by a 25-year-old from North Macedonia on a road near the border town of Gevgelija.

The migrants were transported to a shelter center in Gevgelija and afterwards will be deported to Greece. No details were given on the nationalities of the migrants.

Police arrested the driver and said that the owner of the vehicle is a 32-year-old from capital city of Skopje.

The police were assisted in the operation by the Hungarian police forces.

Hungary has sent police contingents to help police force of North Macedonia patrol the borders, investigate and prevent illegal entry into North Macedonia.

Source :Xinhua

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