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3 Tanzanians Captured Fighting For Al-Shabaab In Afmadow, Southern Somalia


Thursday, 25th July 2019, Latest military intelligence reports from Somalia indicate that three (3) Tanzanians fighting for the Al-Qaeda affiliate, Al-Shabaab have been captured in a military operation conducted in Afmadow, Somalia.

Military source reports indicate that the intelligence-led operation saw the three Tanzanian, terror operatives arrested and a number of jihadists materials, bomb-making materials recovered from their house.

The arrests come at a time Al-Shabaab has increased operations especially in the capital Mogadishu where it has staged deadly attacks with notable casualties. Kenyan troops and Somali government forces have in the past years battled and captured the town of Afmadow and a strategic militant base in the south of the country.

Afmadow is a city in southern Somalia, located in the middle of the Juba region and close to Kenyan border, it is also the second-largest town in the south, about 115km from Kismayo, another strategic and economic hub where Al-Shabaab has been fighting in an effort to regain control

Source: intelligence brief

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