Donald J. Trump, the president of United States once commented on the case of the lately slain Saudi activist Khasoggi. “It was one of the worst conspiracy theories recorded on earth. It was a badly acted cover up project” he said.

Puntland State government leaders now did try what appears to be a conspiracy theory indeed. They tried to do whatever they could to undermine P.M Hassan Ali Kheyre’s visit in North Galkayo. Obviously, their intention was to prevent the prime minister from addressing the mass, especially the thousands of youth members and women who were eagerly waiting to meet him in north Galkayo on Wednesday. More details are emerging that the authorities even invented and shared a fake information about terrorist threats circulating in Galkayo just to make sure the prime minister’s plans are disrupted. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the PM from attending his program.

After all efforts failed, Puntland delegates who were overseeing the case took it to the media to lodge complaints and accuse him of breaching protocols.

Was this really a breach of protocols or failed conspiracy theory based on crooked political interests? And by the way, what is the political rivalry between Puntland State government and the federal government of Somalia based on?

Somalis bore the burden of prolonged problems caused by anarchy, clan hostilities and distorted politics for decades. Enough is enough, we are really fed up of this. We should only accept solutions to our problems and uphold integrity & unity of this weary and confused nation.

I am therefore giving our leaders (The federal government and member states) a homework today.

Just do your mathematics correctly and bring about resolution to your nonsense, personal interest based political difference.

Disclaimer: the information and views contained in this article are my own personal opinion regardless of where I come from or who I work for.

Somalia will stand tall again.

Yassin Mahi Mallin is a Somali Politician and the Chairman of Somali Social Unity Party (SSUP). He can be reache at [email protected]  

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