The second meeting of the Mogadishu Elders.


Today the elders of Banadir region, had the second meeting about the role of UN in Somalia, and the nomination of Amb.James Sawn as especial representative of the secretary General.

On one side It seems that UN wants to revenge the SFG about firing the previous UN envoy and to create conflict between the regional States and the federal government, and on the other hand they are hesitant how this new envoy Amb. Swan who is American will act, he might revenge the Hawiye clan on what Admiral Hawe did, by supporting the traditional enamy of Hawiye through the Darood president who is also Somali/American.

It seems that UN nominated the wrong person and they are playing wrong game with weak so called Somali Diaspora leaders, who dose not represent the people,after they lost the credibility.

Sh.Osman one of the clan Elders of Hawiye concluded that they will think twice before they collaborate with UN American envoy to Somalia.

Already we can notice the signs of enamity of UN toward the people of Banadir and all Hawiye and the friend of our enamy is our enamy.

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