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Prime Minister Kheyre paid a visit to government forces prepared for an operation


The Prime Minister of the Somali Federal Government (SFG), Hassan Ali Khayre,
Today, visited Gordan’s military training camp and met some of the forces in the SNA Unit prepared for the operations against the terrorist groups.

Prime Minister’s visit to the military was to monitor the status of the preparations, the equipment they have and if there is anything left to complete before the operation on a wide range of areas carried to the terrorist hideouts in the country.

The prime minister spoke to the forces of the National Armed Forces on a large scale anti-terrorism plan and discussed them how ready they are to sacrifice their blood to defend their country and the people of Somalia, saying that they have to protect people from harassment by the terrorists who are accustomed to the abuse of the Somali people.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre met with officials who are preparing the troops at the military base, and he also heard of the readiness of the military and the changes in the structure of the armed forces, as part of the reconstruction and development of the CXD and the plan preparation operations enemy wipe-out on general areas in the country, to enable for the Somali people to get full security.

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